Nice to have you here at Wadapartja! We have 2 local restaurants in Groningen city: Zuiderdiep and Westerhaven.

We're a quirky place where you can experience and do a lot of things during the day and some evenings, like have drinks and food with friends on the terrace, go for a full (vegan or not) breakfast, eggs benedict or brunch platter, be surprised by our outstanding music taste or just relax in our cosy living room. And the best thing is, everything you see is for sale! (except the staff). We have a little shop, but even the lamp, plants, chairs and tea spoons are for sale.

We offer something for everyone, for meat lovers, sweet tooths or vegans, our menu is full of fresh, homemade and partially locally or organic dishes. 

At Wadapartja we love local. Beers from Baxbier brewery, Martinus brewery, coffee beans from Koffiestation Groningen, bread from Bakery Luuk and meat from butcher Boersma. Besides the use of local products, we also find sustainability and corporate social responsibility important. For the most part we have LED-lighting, Bio products, a zero-waste policy and we offer second hand stuff a nice new chance in our shop. You can experience it all at Wadapartja Zuiderdiep or Westerhaven. 



Find the Dutch and English digital menus here



Wadapartja Zuiderdiep

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39-41
Reservations: +31639034837

Mon 11:30AM 5:30PM
Tue 11:30AM 5:30PM
Wed 10:00AM 6:00PM
Thu 10:00AM 6:00PM
Fri 10:00AM 6:00PM
Sat 10:00AM 6:00PM
Sun 10:00AM 6:00PM





Wadapartja Westerhaven

Pottebakkersrijge 21
Reservations: +31618820628

Wed 10:00AM 05:00PM
Thu 10:00AM 05:00PM
Fri 10:00AM 05:00PM
Sat 10:00AM 05:00PM
Sun 10:00AM 05:00PM




We are looking forward to welcome you!

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